Subilions' Tales

An Unofficial Record of the Subiaco Football Club Inc. 1970-2011


This is an attempt to nominate a team of players available from this era. My most humble apologies to anyone who thinks they should have been selected, but this proves how difficult coaching is, even sitting in front of a computer screen !


My SFC Team of Stars 1970 to 2011

(All players must have played 50 games or more for Subiaco)

Backs:                 Ben Keevers () Colin Williams (252) Fred Davenport (159)

Half Backs:          Dennis Blair (146) Aiden Parker () Mark Zanotti (60)

Centres:             Chad Cossom () Peter Featherby (197) Ian Dargie (131)

Half Forwards:    Neil Randall (151)  David Mapleston(), Andrew Macnish (195)

Forwards:           Allistair Pickett (), Austin Robertson (251) Laurie Keene (140)

Rucks:                Mike Fitzpatrick (97), Gary Buckenara (61), Neil Taylor (260)

Interchange:     Brad Smith (), Matt Priddis (), Shaun Hildebrandt(), Luke Newick(),  (204), Todd Breman (151)

Captain:             Neil Taylor

Coach:               Haydn Bunton Jnr.

SFC Statistics:

Simpson Medals: Dennis Blair-1973 Premiership, Brian Taylor 1985 Grand Final, Mark Zanotti-1986 Premiership, Mick Lee-1988 Premiership, Sandover Medals: Ian Dargie 1991 & 1994, Allistair Pickett 2004, Matt Priddis 2006. Captains: Neil Taylor, Brian Taylor, Peter Burton, Dwayne Lamb. Fairest & Best: Mike Fitzpatrick (1973/74), Peter Burton (1975), Neil Randall (1976), Peter Featherby (1977/78), Alex Hamilton (1979/80), Neil Taylor (1981/83, Dwayne Lamb (1982/84/85), Laurie Keene (1986), Brian Taylor (1988), Andrew MacNish (1991), Rod Willet (1993), Ian Dargie (1994), Allistair Pickett (2004), Matt Priddis (2005). WAFL Leading Goal Scorer: Austin Robertson (1970/71/72/73), Todd Breman (1987/88).

(Apologies to Dean Kemp (22), Brett Heady (42) and Drew Banfield (25) who did not qualify due to playing under 50 games for Subiaco).


My SFC 'RESERVE' Team of Stars

1970 to 1995 (No restriction of games played)

Backs:                Shane Cocker (113), Bill Monaghan (158), Shane Parker (41)

Half Backs:         Kevan Sparks (50), Greg Wilkinson (113), Mitchell White (44)

Centres:             David Snow (110), Brad McDougall (56), Greg Carpenter (84).

Half Forwards:   Nathan O'Connor (130), Bret Hutchinson (105), Damian Hampson (169)

Forwards:           Glenn O'Loughlin (75) , Andrew Donnelly (74), Phil Scott (110)

Rucks:                Matthew Burton (113), Michael Symons (16), Dean Kemp (22)

Interchange:      Garry Kemp (105), Tony Godden, Sam McFarlane (60), Daniel Metropolis, Brett Heady (42)

Captains:            Greg Wilkinson / Greg Carpenter

Coach:                Dennis Blair



1970 to 2007 (Must have originated from a state other than WA)

Backs: Brian Douge (Hawthorn), Michael Crutchfield (Fitzroy), David Parkin (Hawthorn)

Half Backs: David Miers (Collingwood), Richard Ambrose (Port Adel.), Michael Sheldon (Essendon)

Centres: Chris O'Farrell (Melbourne), Vin Catoggio (Carlton), David Rhodes (Fitzroy)

Half Forwards: Chris Hall (Sth Australia), David Mapleston, Stephen Sells (Geelong)

Forwards: Brendon McFaull (Hawthorn), Jason Heatley (Victoria), Graeme Schultz (Essendon)

Rucks: Michael Rix (St Kilda) Brian Sierakowski (St.Kilda), Ross Smith (St.Kilda)

Interchange: Peter Hall (Carlton), Peter Bird (Fitzroy), John O'Connell (Carlton), Errol Bourne (Tasmania

Captains:     Brian Douge/ David Parkin

Coach:         Peter German


My SFC 'WAFL Swap' Team

1970 to 1995 (Must have originated from another WAFL club)

Backs:                Clint Roberts (P)  Rod Brown (S.D)  Fintan McGuire (S.D)

Half Backs:        Tony Cope (S.D)   Ray Reeves (E.P)  Alex Rattray (E.P)

Centres:             Russell Aitken (WP)  Alan Rose (S.F)  Shane Cable (P)

Half Forwards:  Trevor Heath (W.P)  Grant Campbell (E.P),  Brent Levitzke (E.P)

Forwards:          Bill Valli (W.P)     Archie Duda (E.P)   Vic Melville (C/P)

Rucks:               Jeff Murray (C),  Malcolm Williams (W.P), Peter Spencer (E.P)

Interchange:     Barrie Quick (E.P/S.F), Neil Fotheringhame (P), Glen Durnthaler (E.F), Alan  Walker (C), Tom Floyd (S.D), Peter Lewington (S.F),  Neil Robinson (E.F)                     

Captains:          Bill Valli / Peter Spencer

Coach:              Ken Armstrong (Perth)




(As chosen by an SFC specially selected panel in 1976)

Backs:               Colin Williams       Brian Sarre            Ross Gosden

Half Backs:        Dennis Blair          Bill Alderman        Kevin Merifield

Centres:            Tom Robbins        Cam Blakemore     Wally Martin

Half Forwards:  Reg Hampson        Laurie Kettlewell    Fred Williams

Forwards:         John Smith            Austin Robertson    Peter Burton

Rucks:               Mike Fitzpatrick      Dennis Barron        Don Carter

Reserves:          George Young       Ron Bayens

Captain:            Fred Williams        Vice Captain:   Don Carter     

Coach:               Charlie Tyson