Subilions' Tales

An Unofficial Record of the Subiaco Football Club Inc. 1970-2011


Subi's Greatest 22 players of all time has been selected by readers of this website.

Thank you to everyone who nominated their players to form this team.

The side selected is:

Backs:    Peter Eakins-Brian Sarre-Brian Taylor

Half Backs: Mark Zanotti-Ian Cunningham-Dennis Blair

Centres: Wally Martin-Peter Featherby-Ian Dargie

Half Forw: Michael Mort-Fred Williams-Laurie Kettlewell

Forwards: Laurie Keene-Austin Robertson- Keith Watt

Rucks: Mike Fitzpatrick-Gary Buckenara- Neil Taylor                

Inter: George Young, Reg Hampson, Cam Blakemore, Fred Davenport

Coach: Haydn Bunton jnr


                             Now it's my turn....


I thought I would sit down and name my all time best Subiaco team. It is an extremely difficult task to pick the greatest Subiaco team ever, mainly because I have not seen many of these players in action. Some of the greatest names in the Club's history on paper are just that. But one can only rely on the documented evidence available in selecting a team that spanned over 100 years. Sandover Medals, Simpson Medals, All-Australian selection, State representation, Club Champion Awards, Coaches of the Year, long serving coaches and captains, record breakers, games record holders and life memberships all come into considerstion when choosing a team like this. I am no historian, but I do love the Subiaco Football Club. I have supported the Lions since the days of the Maroons and have idolised many of the players named below. From what I have read, heard and seen, I think, in my humble opinion, this would be the greatest team to run onto the field in Maroon and Gold. Just imagine these individuals together as a team. Unbeatable?

Well, here goes.....

Backs      Colin Williams - Brian Sarre - Fred Davenport

Half Backs   Dennis Blair - Peter Eakins -  Dwayne Lamb                 

Centres   George Young - Peter Featherby - Ian Dargie

Half Forwards  Laurie Kettlewell -Phil Matson - Gary Buckenara

Forwards     Tom Outridge - Austin Robertson - Don Carter

Rucks       Mike Fitzpatrick- Haydn Bunton snr- Johnny Leonard

Interchange   Neil Taylor, Cam Blakemore, Laurie Keene, Keith Watt

Emergencies   Fred Williams, Lou Daily, Matt Priddis, Allistair Pickett

Captain   Haydn Bunton snr

Coach   Haydn Bunton jnr

Assistant Coach    Peter German